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There are many good reasons why Towncare Dental of Ft. Myers has become one of the most popular and trusted dental care providers in town. They include our friendly, professional staff, our affordable prices, our spacious, modern office, even our convenient location – one half mile from Daniels and Metro Parkway and not far from Gulf Coast Hospital.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions to protect and improve your smile, including general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services, periodontics, and anxiety-free dentistry.

Our caring, considerate dentists and staff will be happy to assist you any way they can, from finding the financing option that best suits your needs to filing your insurance claims for you. Learn more.

“Testimonials from Our Patients…”

“Kandis does a very comprehensive cleaning and is very professional.” —
Ira Z.,
October 2013
“Excellent hygienist who helped me with the dentist. Once involved, the dentist was responsive and explained my situation clearly, providing several options. I also felt that he and the hygienist provided a solid team on my behalf.” —
Ed H.,
October 2013
“good care and availability of appts” —
Karen W.,
September 2013
“The services that have been rendered to me during my past visit and the previous ones have always been great.” —
Jose E.,
September 2013
“good service” —
A H.,
June 2013
“The staff did an excellent job. Many Thanks. Dr. Martin Kalish” —
Martin K.,
February 2013
“The ladies who operate the front desk are always polite and efficient. My Technician who does my dental cleaning is excellent. Mike” —
Michael A.,
January 2013
“I have been going to Towncare Dental of Ft. Myers for over 14 yrs. now and would go to no other. ...The Doctors, Hygienist, medical administrative staff all have operated in a very professtional manner. ....In all these years of course many get the opportunity to move on and that is when I get a little sad for myself because a familiar professional has left but of course another professional is replaced. :D” —
Lucille P.,
June 2011
“I was on a tight time schedule and your staff helped me get in and out on time so I was back at work before the hour was up. This meant so much because I've been warned about time and in this tough job market I can't afford to lose my job. Thank you front desk (Tracey??) and thank you Christy for your help. Much appreciated.” —
Eleanor A.,
August 2010
Anon A.,
February 2010
“Very nice employees, dentist gave good informantion and was very friendly. There was a problem with the appointment, they didn't schedule a cleaning, but then they were able to squeeze it in.” —
Robyn W.,
January 2010
“My appointment included a cleaning by Christy, full mouth x-rays and exam by Dr. Islambasic. My cleaning begun right on time and was quick and friendly. My x-rays were done quickly and Dr. Islambasic came in shortly after the x-rays were ready to be viewed, asked if I had any problems, checked on those areas and got me on my way. My visit was very family oriented and in a timely manner.” —
Anon A.,
December 2009
“Dental work was done quickly and efficiently” —
Patricia K.,
July 2009
“Staff: I had a most successful visit to Towncare Dental with the preparation of a crown. Towncare Dental recommended an excellent dentist that administered an excellent job with the root canal. I was most pleased with the service and looking forward to my next visit in two weeks.” —
Ed G.,
July 2009
“I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole staff at Towncare Dental. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and kind. It was a very positive experience, so different than most doctor and dentist offices in this area. My wait was short. I would highly recommend Towncare.” —
Mary A.,
June 2009
“I was very satisfied with my visit.” —
Steve B.,
November 2008
“I was very satisfied with my visit.” —
Steve B.,
November 2008
“The dental hygienist was on time and professional in taking care of my dental needs.” —
Anon A.,
September 2008
“The visit was good for me and my daughter. We received services at the same time and we were both handled with care. I really appreciate it.” —
Tonya G.,
August 2008
“My cleaning appointment went smoothly. I was in and out very quickly. Didn't see the dentist this time, but usually do every other visit.” —
Anon A.,
August 2008
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