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General Dentists in Kendall in Kendall, FL

Having a healthy and beautiful smile for life takes more than good genes and great oral hygiene. You need professional assistance. Your general or family dentist plays a key role in keeping your teeth and gums in top condition throughout various life stages.

Why Is Your General Dentist an Important Care Provider?

Your general dentist provides primary care and treatment for any diseases or conditions that affect your teeth and gums. Because general dentists are trained to manage many different types of dental problems, you can turn to your family dentist whenever you develop a dental symptom or sustain an injury to your teeth.

What Does a General Family Dentistry Provider Do?

A general dentist keeps your teeth healthy with routine exams and dental x-rays, professional cleanings, fillings and crowns, treatment for gum disease, enamel repairs, professional guidance, preventative maintenance and much more.

Professional General Dentistry Services for Every Smile

Our providers perform a wide range of general dentistry services to meet the needs of each unique patient. You can find them listed in detail below.


How Often Should You See Your Family Dentist?

Most healthy, non-smoking patients should schedule a visit to their general dental office every six months. If you’re pregnant or have chronic medical or dental issues, your dentist may need to examine your mouth more often to prevent potential problems.

Is It Costly to Visit a Family Dentist?

Most patients find that routine visits are affordable, but your total cost depends on what types of procedures and tests your dentist needs to perform to keep your mouth healthy. Your insurance plan also impacts your out-of-pocket costs. You can learn more about specific treatment costs and payment options by calling our office.

Where Can I Find a General Dentist Near Me?

We can help you find an exceptional dentist in your area and set up your first appointment. Just call our office during operating hours, and we’ll walk you through the process.

How Much Time Will the Dental Appointment Take?

Most routine visits can be completed in an hour or less. If your dentist general practice visit involves advanced procedures such as root canals or other restorations, it could take up to several hours. Please call us for more information about estimated treatment times.

Your Appointment Day Preparation Tips

You can help make your dental visit go more smoothly by observing a few basic tips. Be at the office on time, or arrive slightly early if you’re a new patient. Bring your insurance information, identification, medical history and a list of any medicines that you currently take. If you have dental records to transfer, have them sent over before your appointment date. Please let us know if you struggle with anxiety or panic symptoms when seeing a dentist. We’ll do everything possible to make your experience more positive.

What Happens to Your Smile When You Avoid the Dentist?

If you never see your dentist, tooth decay or gum disease may develop silently and go without treatment for long periods of time. Eventually, you’ll experience symptoms, but by this time, your condition may have advanced to a stage that is far more difficult and costly to treat. Seeing your dentist is a tiny investment compared to the heartache of losing your teeth and the cost of dental restorations. Get your dental health back on track by calling us today to schedule your next dental exam.

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