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Even if they have only their baby teeth, children need regular teeth cleanings, just like adults do. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests scheduling your child’s first dental visit no later than your child’s first birthday. Regularly visiting a family dentist helps ensure your child’s teeth are coming in properly and removes cavity-causing plaque.

Did you know that tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease? It’s more common than asthma, early-childhood obesity, and diabetes. The good news is that it’s highly preventable.

Our family dentist in Cutler Bay is glad keep your child on the path to good dental health and ensure that your child’s smile is bright and beautiful.

Teeth Cleanings for Children in Cutler Bay:

Severe tooth decay leads to more than just cavities, pain, and possible infection. It can affect how your child speaks, sleeps, focuses, eats, and develops physically overall. Our experienced dentists and hygienists know how nervous children can feel at the dentist’s office. But we’ll help your child feel at ease as we gently remove cavity-causing plaque and check for any other dental problems.

Topical Fluoride:

With topical fluoride, the teeth’s surface of teeth becomes stronger and more resistant to decay. Ask us about the different flavors of fluoride we offer.

Dental Sealants for Children’s Teeth:

We understand that it can be hard for children to properly brush their back teeth. Our children’s dentist in Cutler Bay can apply a safe, thin plastic coating to seal the surface grooves on the chewing surfaces of those teeth, keeping out food particles and bacteria. Sealants are painless to apply, can last for years, and they have no taste, so your child won’t be bothered by them. Just remember: sealants only coat the top of the teeth. You still need to floss between them in order to remove cavity-causing bacteria.


Every day, children eat and drink items that can lead to cavities. If your child develops dental decay, we’ll remove the infection and repair the hole with a tooth-colored filling.


Accidents such as tripping over a curb or getting knocked by a ball can chip or fracture a child’s front teeth. We can restore that happy smile with tooth-colored bonding material so your child won’t feel self-conscious.

Pediatric Crowns:

We typically don’t want to remove a baby tooth unless it’s close to falling out on its own, so if your child has a tooth that breaks or cracks, or develops a cavity too large for a filling, our dentist in Cutler Bay can install a tooth-colored crown to protect the tooth. The dentist also can place a custom-made crown on a tooth saved by a root canal.

Space Maintainers:

A space maintainer is like a placeholder for your child’s permanent tooth if your child prematurely loses a baby tooth because of decay, an accident, or another circumstance. It holds the surrounding teeth in place, so they don’t shift out of alignment, allowing the permanent tooth to grow in comfortably. It also can help with pre-orthodontic treatment.


Children and adults who play sports should wear mouthguards to protect their teeth, the American Dental Association says. This is especially true for kids involved with gymnastics, marital arts, baseball, basketball, football, boxing, skateboarding, field hockey, or wrestling. Our family dentist in Cutler Bay can create a custom-made mouthguard that’s much more protective and comfortable than a boil-and-bite one available at many drugstores and sporting-goods stores.

Emergency Dental Services for Children:

We’re also here to help if your child chips a tooth, loosens a tooth, or knocks out a tooth completely and needs emergency dental care. Please call our office in Cutler Bay at (786) 619-3434.

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