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Are you struggling to eat due to missing teeth? Do you feel self-conscious when smiling or speaking? If so, our custom-crafted dentures in Cutler Bay may be a solution.

What Does a Denture Do?

Our affordable quality dentures have helped patients of all ages restore their dental health and confidence. These appliances can replace one or more teeth using a row of realistic-looking pontic teeth and tissue. Dentures are available in several different styles, from detachable partials to permanently fixed full appliances. If you’re ready to reclaim your smile’s brilliance, call us now to get started.

How Many Kinds of Dentures Are Available?

At our office, we offer several different styles of dentures to choose from. Contact us now to find out more about your choices.

Complete Denture

Even if you’re missing the majority of your teeth, it’s important to know that you have options. A complete denture can replace each tooth in an arch, restoring your speaking ability and jaw function. To receive this kind of denture, the dentist must extract all remaining teeth. Complete dentures can be removable or permanently fixed, depending on your budget and preferences.

Partial Denture

When you still have several healthy teeth but need to have a small section extracted, a partial denture may be a good choice. A partial uses clasps to latch on to the supporting teeth, making it easy to remove for cleaning.

Flexible Partial Denture

If you’re looking for a natural-looking, comfortable way to replace a section of teeth, consider a flexible partial. Gum-colored, pliable clasps and a bendable thermoplastic base make these appliances both discreet and easy to wear.

Implant-Supported Denture

Want to replace your missing teeth without the hassle of denture adhesives? Ask your dentist about an implant-supported denture. These appliances snap into place using dental implants which are strategically placed in the jaw. Implant-supported dentures can be fixed or removable, depending on your unique needs.

What Is the All-on-4® Dentures Procedure?

A new denture implants technique, the All-on-4® denture procedure involves inserting four Nobel Biocare implants into the jaw. Two of the four implants are placed at an angle, creating a secure hold. If you desire the convenience of a fixed denture and great biting power, consider the All-on-4 dentures procedure.

What to Expect When Getting Dentures at Our Dental Practice

The process of receiving brand-new dentures in Cutler Bay begins with a visit to our office for a consultation. One of our dentists will examine the affected area and determine what type of denture meets your needs. Multiple impressions of your smile may need to be taken which will serve as the blueprint for your new appliance. Depending on the style of denture chosen, you may require dental implant surgery or tooth extractions. These procedures may be completed at an additional appointment. Once your gums have fully recovered from any dental preparatory work, your dentist will adjust your permanent denture for a comfortable fit.

What Would a Denture Cost?

Our dentists calculate the total dentures cost using several factors: the type of device selected, the items used to craft the denture, and the amount of dental prep-work needed. Call us now if you have questions regarding pricing or our financing options.

Why Choose a Soft Denture Reline?

If your dentures’ rigid base has been causing irritation along your gum line, a soft denture may be right for you. During a soft denture reline, the dentist simply resurfaces your dentures with a soft and bendable material that stays comfortable for approximately two years.

How Can I Get Dentures?

A new, fully personalized set of dentures is just a phone call away. Contact us now to find out if our affordable quality dentures are right for you.

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