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You never know when a dental emergency will strike. You may unexpectedly develop a painful abscess or wake up one morning to find that a tooth has cracked due to nighttime grinding. A day on the sports field can come to a halt with a knocked-out or injured tooth that needs immediate attention. Contact our emergency dentists in Hollywood for the urgent dental care you need.

Find Emergency Dental Services

If your emergency tooth pain is keeping you up at night or getting in the way of a productive day, our emergency dentists can address your issue and have you feeling good as soon as possible. We know that if you’re searching for “Emergency dental care near me,” it’s because you can’t wait for a regularly scheduled appointment. That’s why we keep time open especially for patients who need emergency dental care. Call our emergency dental office and we’ll do our best to schedule you an appointment for the same or next day.

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

What emergency dental services can the dentist office near me provide?

Are you in so much pain or discomfort from a tooth or gum condition that you find it difficult to function normally during the day or to sleep at night? If so, you should consider seeking emergency dental care. A more obvious example of when a patient should go to an emergency dental office is when they’ve had a tooth knocked out or otherwise damaged. Our emergency dentists provide our patients with an array of services on an emergency basis, including the following:

  • Emergency tooth pain relief
  • Emergency tooth removal
  • Emergency tooth repair
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infections
  • Repair of broken or bent orthodontic wires

Should I Seek Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

What are some signs that I should visit an emergency dentist in my area?

When the dental pain or discomfort that you’re facing isn’t improving with home care, it is most likely only going to continue to get worse without care from a dentist. If you’re experiencing any of the issues described below, please arrange an appointment with one of our emergency dentists today.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Cracked or broken teeth can cause pain. Additionally, cracks or breaks can allow bacteria to get inside of the tooth, creating a painful and potentially dangerous infection. Avoid complications and the risk of needing emergency tooth removal by fixing cracked or broken teeth right away.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Try to remain calm and call us quickly if one of your teeth has been knocked out. Please call us for advice on how to handle and care for the tooth before your appointment with one of our emergency dentists in Hollywood. In some cases, the tooth can be put back in place and saved.

Sudden Toothache Pain or Pressure

Toothache pain or pressure can come on without warning and be very hard to tolerate while you are going about your day. It can also interfere with getting a restful night’s sleep. Our emergency dentists will assess the source and give you pain relief.

Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth that are sensitive may be sending a warning sign that there is a serious problem, such as a cracked or infected tooth. Please contact us for an emergency evaluation if you have sudden tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Decay

Don’t put off getting small cavities attended to by a dentist. They won’t heal on their own and will only get worse. Complications from dental decay can eventually lead to a recommendation for an emergency tooth extraction. Please call us to schedule an appointment with one of our emergency dentists and put a stop to tooth decay.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is not only painful, but it can be dangerous. The abscess is caused by an infection beneath the tooth or gum that can eventually spread to the rest of the body. Please call us for emergency treatment for the infection and a resolution to the dental condition that caused it.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Unfortunately, no filling is meant to last forever, but when you lose a filling at work or home, seeing a dentist for an emergency filling replacement quickly can protect and preserve the health of your teeth.

Cracked or Missing Crowns

We can repair cracked crowns with reshaping and smoothing techniques when possible. If the crown is missing or severely damaged, our emergency dentists can give you temporary or long-term crown replacement to protect your tooth.

Orthodontic Pain

Orthodontic devices may break or bend if you bite into food that is too tough or chewy. When it does, the wires and brackets may poke into the soft tissues inside of your mouth, causing severe discomfort. Our goal is to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding can create a dental emergency because it wears away the enamel and makes the teeth susceptible to infection. It can also create cracks in the teeth that let in infection-causing bacteria.

Sinus Pressure

Wisdom teeth that are impacted and infected can create sensations of sinus pressure as can other dental issues. Get a comprehensive exam and diagnosis from our dental office to find out if there is a dental cause behind your sinus symptoms.

Handle Severe Symptoms with Care

If your tooth-related symptoms seem serious or frightening, they might require emergency medical care. Call 911 if you think you may have a broken or dislocated jaw, serious cuts on your face or an infection with severe swelling.

Understanding Your Emergency Dentist Cost

What is the typical cost for visiting an emergency dental office near me?

There is no one-size-fits-all price for emergency dental care because the cost is based on the exact dental services you need and the current state of your dental health. However, you can obtain significant savings through the DentRite® Discount Plan, and we also accept most major dental insurance.

We are also happy to talk with you about the financing options we provide to help make it easier for each patient to manage their emergency dentist cost. We know that many patients who are in need of emergency help find us by searching for, “Emergency dentist no insurance.” We always provide a clear, upfront cost for all of our patients.

What should I do if I have an emergency at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night? Can I be seen at an emergency dental office near me?

Emergencies never seem to happen at a good time. We keep appointment slots reserved for patients in need of urgent dental care during office hours. However, if you need help at night or on the weekends, your best option is to go to your nearest hospital emergency room or call 911 if you don’t think it’s safe to try to get to the hospital on your own. Emergency responders are trained to help with critical issues like bleeding and serious infections. When in doubt, it’s best to get medical care as soon as possible. Afterward, visit our dental office for complete dental care.

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