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How would you like a whiter, brighter smile? Teeth whitening is fast and affordable. It’s also easy to fit into your schedule. Call Dental Associates of Kendall today at (305) 459-3204 to find out how we can remove years of stains and discoloration from your teeth in less than an hour.

Our team provides several types of teeth whitening treatments to help you achieve the gorgeous smile you want in a way that suits your budget and your lifestyle. You can relax in our office and walk out with a brighter smile that same day, or use a take-home product that can whiten your teeth by applying it for a short amount of time each day for about two weeks, if you prefer something more private.

Both in-office and take-home teeth whitening can provide excellent results, especially when applied after a teeth cleaning. A professional cleaning removes any food particles and bacteria that can contribute to tooth stains.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Discolored, dull, or dingy teeth affect everyone at one time or another. Our tooth color actually comes from a combination of the light reflected off the enamel—the hard outer layer of a tooth—and the color of the dentin, or middle layer, underneath the enamel. This color changes as we age, for instance, as tooth enamel becomes thinner while the dentin tends to grow darker.

Because of our genetic makeup, some people are born with thinner enamel—and more visible dentin. Tooth enamel also is porous, so certain foods, beverages, and other factors can impact your tooth color as well.

Many people call our office in Miami for teeth whitening because they’ve seen their teeth darken from one or a combination of these factors:

  • Beverages such as coffee, tea, red wines, and colas
  • Tobacco products
  • Aging
  • Certain medical treatments and medications
  • Tooth decay or trauma
  • Poor dental hygiene

If you need dental work such as a crown, a bridge, a veneer, or dentures, our dentist might suggest that you whiten your natural teeth first to help your dental work blend in seamlessly over time. The dental porcelain used in such cosmetic and restorative treatments is color-matched to your existing teeth; it’s also stain resistant, so it doesn’t respond to whitening treatments. That’s why you want to know the crown, bridge, or implant color-matched to teeth that have been whitened. Otherwise, the restoration will look darker than your other teeth.

Smile Perfected: Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening

Imagine whitening your teeth professionally in roughly 20 minutes! That’s what you’ll see if you use Smile Perfected, a patented system that our team in Miami offers.

Smile Perfected combines a tooth whitening gel with an LED light that accelerates the whitening process while reducing the bleaching time, lessening the chance of irritation for those with tooth sensitivity. As added protection, individual ampoules of vitamin E are part of the treatment to moisturize and protect your lips and skin.

During treatment, you’ll bite into a prefilled, delicious-tasting gel housed in special whitening trays that are designed to allow your jaw muscles to remain relaxed and tension-free. Best of all, Smile Perfected is so fast, you can conveniently add this service after your teeth are clean and healthy following a regular appointment with our hygienist.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening: Whiten Your Teeth in One Day

Our office in Miami is also proud to offer Zoom® WhiteSpeed teeth whitening treatment, the most requested professional teeth whitening brand in America. Zoom can deliver a smile that’s up to eight shades whiter after just one visit, and because of its adjustable intensity settings, it’s also proven to be comfortable for people with sensitive teeth. The majority of patients experience little to no tooth sensitivity after using Zoom.

What’s more, you can relax in our office, watch TV, read, or listen to music while Zoom works its magic.

To get started, our hygienist or dentist first ensures that you don’t have any cavities or gum disease. We’ll assess your current tooth color to determine your treatment time, then take impressions of your teeth for custom-made trays. Zoom uses a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that also works with a chairside light to speed up the whitening process.

To keep you comfortable, treatment consists of three 15-minute sessions for a total time of 45 minutes. You’ll leave our office with a much-whiter smile when you’re finished.

Zoom NiteWhite: Professional Results at Home

If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, even while you sleep, our office in Miami also carries Zoom NiteWhite. This easy-to-use kit includes trays that exclusively fit the shape and size of your mouth and feel like lightweight, comfortable retainers.

Zoom NiteWhite uses a 16% concentration of carbamide peroxide in its whitening gel, which is the safest ingredient for at-home tooth whitening. Simply fill the trays with the gel, bite gently, and wear them for up to four hours daily or overnight for roughly two weeks.

Our office can also help you order refills of the gel for occasional touch-ups to your smile.

Call Today to Schedule a Teeth Whitening Appointment

If you have additional questions about teeth whitening, or you’re ready to get started, please call our Dental Associates of Kendall office today at (305) 459-3204 to speak to our helpful staff or schedule an appointment.

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