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When you have multiple lost or severely damaged teeth, it can make your daily activities more difficult. Dentures in Aventura can help you restore jaw function and improve your dental health while giving your confidence a boost.

Why Are Dentures Used?

Affordable quality dentures from our office are an excellent way to restore your smile’s brilliance. Constructed using custom-colored pontic teeth and a removable frame or fixed implant, dentures are designed to mimic the look and function of the natural jaw.

What Are the Options for Dentures?

At your consultation, one of our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and gums to determine which type of denture is best for you. Here are some of the high-quality dentures we currently offer:

Full Denture

A full denture may be recommended if most of your teeth are missing or decayed. Dentists often refer to this type of denture as a “complete denture” because it can replace a complete arch of teeth. If there are any teeth remaining in your jaw, they will need to be removed before you can receive a full denture. These appliances can be attached using denture bonding adhesive or fixed into place with a set of dental implants.

Partial Denture

If your dentist determines that most of your teeth are healthy, he or she may recommend a partial denture. These dentures replace a smaller section of teeth much like a dental bridge. However, partials use metal clasps to secure them to surrounding teeth instead of dental crowns.

Flexible Partial Denture

A flexible partial is a discreet way to restore a small section of teeth. These appliances use a pliable base that conforms to your mouth. They also use gum-colored clasps instead of the traditional metal variety. They’re virtually invisible when worn, allowing you to participate in your normal activities with confidence.

Implant-Supported Denture

If you want to avoid using sticky denture adhesives, consider an implant-supported denture. With this type of appliance, implants are used to keep the denture from slipping. Implant-supported dentures can be removable or fixed permanently. Like traditional full dentures, they look completely natural and allow you to enjoy your favorite activities with ease.

What Happens During the All-on-4® Denture Procedure?

A modern approach to denture implants, the All-on-4® dentures treatment concept allows the wearer to enjoy maximum biting strength. During the All-on-4 dentures procedure, four implants are placed in the jaw, but two are angled. The Nobel Biocare implants used in this treatment create a secure fit.

Getting New Dentures: What Should You Expect?

Most people will require at least two appointments to receive a new set of dentures in Aventura. When you visit our office for your first consultation, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth which are provided to the lab that will create your appliance. Any dental preparatory work, including extractions or implant placement, will need to be finished before your final appliance arrives. At a second appointment, your dentist will remove your temporary denture and provide you with the final device.

What Does a Denture Cost?

Many of our patients have questions about how much dentures cost. Typically, the type of dentures your dentist recommends will determine the cost. Other factors include your insurance coverage, the materials needed to craft the appliance, and the amount of pre-treatment needed.

What Does a Soft Reline Do?

Choosing a soft denture reline can greatly reduce the occurrence of sore spots and irritation caused by hard denture wear. The treatment simply involves the dentist resurfacing the underside of the denture with a flexible material.

How Can I Get Started with Denture Treatment?

Visiting our dentists for a denture consultation is the first step in restoring your smile’s beauty. Call us now at (305) 921-0539 to learn more about our affordable quality dentures.

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