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Our oral surgeon in Aventura performs a full spectrum of services with a focus on optimal patient comfort. We understand dental anxiety; schedule an appointment with us and we will explain how we make procedures as pain-free as possible.

How Do Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Differ from Dentists?

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Aventura has completed four years of additional training, including a hospital-based surgical residency, which prepares the surgeon to diagnose and treat injuries and diseases of the oral and maxillofacial regions. Our oral surgeons are experienced, with the education and skills perform a broad scope of challenging oral surgery procedures.

Often our oral surgeons have trained in administering general anesthesia and sedation, general surgery techniques and medical care; therefore, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon can safely oversee your procedure. We try to put all of our patients at ease by explaining each procedure clearly, however, if you still experience dental anxiety, we can administer sedation medicine.

Which Types of Procedures are Offered at Your Office?

Our oral surgeon in [GOID] can perform a full scope of procedures recommended by your dentist. Everyone wants a nice smile, and we can help with corrective dental work that will restore your smile and give your self-confidence a boost. Our office staff strives to keep up with the latest innovations in TMJ, dental implants and everything in between. Our oral surgery office in Aventura routinely performs the following services:

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Removing impacted wisdom teeth is a very common procedure for oral surgeons. Wisdom teeth grow in last, and if they align correctly, there is no problem. However, wisdom teeth may grow sideways or only partially emerge from the gum. When this happens, your dentist will recommend oral surgery in Aventura to have the teeth extracted so they do not become infected, cause pain or move other teeth. We remove wisdom teeth and perform difficult extractions of other teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth with a permanent tooth that looks perfectly natural. The implant consists of a metal post attached to the jawbone, where it acts as the root. A crown goes over the visible portion of the post, which becomes your life-like artificial tooth. If you are considering this restorative dental treatment, call us to see if you are a good candidate for one or more implants.

Bone Grafting

If teeth have been missing for a while, the jawbone may atrophy. Since we make every effort to offer the best oral surgery in Aventura, we will perform a bone graft procedure to ensure your implant can fuse to the bone and function flawlessly. Other reasons for bone loss include periodontal disease, bone diseases and trauma.

Denture Related Procedures

Your dentist may refer you to our office to extract teeth or remove mouth bumps before you get dentures. The harmless bumps are just extra bone and once our team removes the bump, it will not grow back. Removing the bumps ensures that your dentures will be comfortable to wear.


A temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder may cause jaw pain or headaches. The TMJ connects your jawbone to your skull, acting as a hinge. It is possible to relieve the pain with analgesics or correct the disorder with either a mouth guard or surgery depending on the underlying cause and the severity of the problem.

Oral Cancer Related Procedures

We will identify abnormal growths and take a sample for testing at the laboratory. In many cases, you can have the lesion removed in our office. An early diagnosis improves the chances of a positive outcome.

If you have questions about any of these procedures, or if you want to see if you are a good candidate for a specific procedure, call our office to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon in Aventura. The team at our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice will answer any questions that you have, including whether we work with your insurance company. Our office strives to be best oral surgeon in the area, who is qualified to diagnose and treat other problems as well, including sleep apnea treatment, cleft lip repair and treatment for facial injuries.

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