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Anyone can suffer from tooth loss, but nobody has to go through life with a toothless smile or gaps in their grin. Today’s affordable dentures are more advanced than before, which means they’re more comfortable to wear and they look very much like real teeth. To learn more about getting affordable quality dentures in your area, please reach out to our dental office today.

What Are Dentures?

A denture is an appliance that replaces missing teeth with prosthetic or artificial teeth and gums that are set onto a removable plate. Alternatively, the denture can be fixed securely in place with dental implants. Continue reading to find out more about the types of dentures available to you.

Types of Affordable Quality Dentures

Several options exist for renewing your smile with dentures in Fort Myers. When you visit our office, a dentist will work with you to determine the best product for your dental goals. Here are a few of the options that a dentist might discuss with you.

Full Denture or Complete Denture

When you need to replace a full mouth of teeth, a complete denture is an excellent choice. This type of denture is usually held in place through suction on the gums and the roof of the mouth. You can also use denture adhesive to help hold the denture in place during the day. At night, you should take this denture out and store it in water or a soaking solution.

Partial Denture

If you have gaps in your smile because a few teeth are missing, a partial denture can fill in those spaces with natural-looking replacement teeth. Partial dentures stay in place using a metal framework and clasps that hold on to the surrounding teeth.

What Is a Flexible Partial Denture?

A standard partial denture uses a rigid base, often made of metal. That hard base provides some benefits, such as preventing the teeth that surround the partial from shifting out of place. However, it can be difficult for some people to tolerate. A flexible partial denture is made with a pliable base that’s easier to get used to wearing, and it also looks more natural since there is no metal visible when you smile.

Why Choose an Implant-supported Denture?

A denture that slips out of place is a thing of the past when you have an implant-supported denture. This type of denture rests on a foundation of dental implants. If you opt for an implant-supported denture in your upper jaw, you won’t need to have a palate cover on the roof of your mouth.

Should I Get All-on-4® Dentures?

You can enjoy the benefits of dental implants with the affordability of a denture with All-on-4® dentures. Rather than using one implant per tooth, the All-on-4 method uses only four implants to secure a full arch of teeth in place. Your new teeth will be permanent, and they will look and function just like natural teeth. If you’re interested in finding out if this innovative method is for you, contact us today.

What’s Involved in Getting Dentures?

When you come into our office for your consultation, we’ll give you a full overview of the procedure. Each patient’s treatment plan will vary, but in general you’ll have mouth impressions taken, teeth extractions performed, and your new dentures fitted and adjusted once they’re made to your exact specifications. The whole process can take anywhere from three to five appointments.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a New Denture?

Each type of denture carries differing costs. The amount of prep work your mouth and teeth require will also affect the total cost of your dentures. We provide every customer with an estimate of their costs before we begin any work, but we won’t know the exact amount until a dentist meets with you for a consultation and examination.

Should I Have My Denture Relined?

If your denture feels uncomfortable or you are developing sore spots, you probably need to have your dental appliance relined. When your dentist performs a soft denture reline, they use a pliable material to line the part of your denture that rests on your gum. Many patients prefer the comfort that a soft reline provides.

Schedule a Denture Consultation in Fort Myers Today

If you’ve decided you want new dentures or you’d like to discuss your options before making a decision, give us a call. We’re here to help, and we look forward to helping you feel great about your smile.

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