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The distress you experience from emergency tooth pain can get in the way of your everyday functioning, and if you’ve lost or injured a tooth, you certainly don’t want to wait to get help. Act fast and seek urgent dental care for the best outcome for your dental health. Our emergency dentists in Hialeah Square are compassionate providers of expert dental care.

Where to Go for Emergency Dental Care

If you’re searching for “Emergency dental care near me,” it’s because you need help now. We reserve time in our schedule so that we can provide emergency services whenever they’re needed. We do our best to schedule urgent cases for the same or next business day. Our emergency dentists in Hialeah Square will assess your condition and provide emergency tooth pain relief right away. We treat your emergency problem and determine whether additional treatment is required for a complete resolution of your problem.

What Does an Emergency Dentist Do?

What treatment is provided at an emergency dental office near me?

If you need emergency tooth pain relief, our emergency dental office is here to help. We also provide expert care for patients who need emergency tooth repair, whether they’ve cracked a tooth from biting something hard or have lost a crown through an accident, our dentists are available to help. Non-emergency conditions like decay or sensitivity can become emergencies if they aren’t attended to in a timely manner. We can provide relief for your dental crisis through the various treatments listed below.

  • Dental crown and restoration repair
  • Loose or lost fillings replacement
  • Orthodontics repair or adjustment
  • Dental infection diagnosis and treatment
  • Emergency tooth removal when necessary
  • Tooth pain relief
  • Damaged teeth repair

Do I Need Emergency Dental Services?

What signs tell me for certain that I should seek help from an emergency dental office near me? What are my choices if I have an after-hours dental emergency?

If your dental pain isn’t responding to home treatment and it’s getting in the way of your daily functioning, please call us right away. You will benefit from emergency care if you are suffering from any of the problems listed here.

Broken or Cracked Teeth

Broken or cracked teeth are painful and can lead to decay and infection. Prevent complications by getting your teeth assessed and repaired as soon as you can.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a 24-hour dental emergency. Emergency dentists may be able to save the tooth if you are careful to avoid touching the roots of the tooth and get help fast. Call our office, and we will tell you what to do to increase your chances of saving the tooth.

Toothache Pain

There are many possible sources of toothache pain. Our emergency dentists are here to diagnose the problem, give you pain relief and treat the underlying cause.

Sudden Tooth Sensitivity

When your tooth becomes very sensitive seemingly overnight, you may need emergency care because a crack in the tooth or a tooth infection may be the culprit for the pain.

Dental Decay and Cavities

Cavities aren’t uncommon, but they can have a serious negative impact on your oral health if they’re not seen to by a dentist. We provide emergency dental care for dental decay and cavities to keep them from getting worse and requiring an emergency tooth extraction.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscess may be concealed below a tooth, or it can show itself above the gum line as a red lump. Never put off getting treated for an abscessed tooth or gum because an untreated infection can lead to life-threatening consequences.

Lost Fillings

Lost fillings can create toothaches and sensitivity. Receive urgent dental care to replace the restoration and prevent future pain and decay.

Broken Crowns or Restorations

You probably don’t feel like smiling if you have a lost crown or restoration. Emergency dentists can restore a lost crown or repair one that’s broken so that you’ll feel like smiling once again.

Orthodontic Pain or Damage

You don’t have to wait for your next scheduled orthodontist appointment to get relief from orthodontic pain. Emergency dentists can repair broken wires and brackets.

Tooth Grinding

You may grind your teeth at night or during the day when you feel stressed. Either type of grinding can wear away tooth enamel and create a threat to your dental health. Our dentists can repair your teeth and help you protect your teeth in the future.

Sinus Pressure

Dental issues can be the culprit for unexplained sinus pressure or pain. Emergency dentists can assess the cause of your sinus discomfort so that you can finally put that problem behind you.

What About More Serious Symptoms?

Certain symptoms need emergency medical attention. If you experience any of the conditions listed below, call 911.

  • A broken or dislocated jaw
  • Bleeding that can’t be controlled
  • Trauma or cuts to the face, head or mouth
  • A severely swollen face or gums

How Much Does an Emergency Dentist Cost?

Once you’ve decided you need help fast, your next thought is probably, “How much will a visit to an emergency dentist cost?” We can’t answer that question until one of our dentists has evaluated your condition and what will need to be done to treat it. However, we can tell you about the ways we can help with the cost of emergency dental services.

If you’re looking for the terms “Emergency dentist no insurance,” consider signing up for the DentRite® Discount Plan. DentRite® isn’t insurance, but it provides savings for dental patients and their families. You can save anywhere from 20 to 70 percent on your dental care. Our emergency dental office also provides flexible financing, and accepts most dental insurance plans.

I need help with a dental emergency in the middle of the night. Where do I go for emergency dental care near me?

Patients who need help for a serious dental condition due to an injury or infection outside of office hours should place a call to 911 for immediate medical attention. Alternatively, you can go to an emergency room on your own or visit an urgent care clinic. Medical personnel can help with a 24-hour dental emergency by treating an infection or managing pain. Afterward, follow up with our emergency dentists to obtain a complete resolution for your dental problem.

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