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A lifetime of healthy smiles requires two important things: a commitment to good oral hygiene, and regular professional care from a great dentist. Your general or family dentist plays a key role in keeping your smile and your family’s smiles looking and feeling fantastic.

Why Does Everyone Need a General Dentist?

General family dentistry focuses on the overall health of teeth and gums throughout a patient’s life. A general dentist often treats not only individual patients, but also their entire families. The role of this primary care provider is to keep your mouth healthy by detecting, treating, monitoring and preventing diseases that affect your teeth and gums.

How Does My General Dentist Protect My Dental Health?

At each appointment, your dentist will perform a careful exam of your teeth. You may also get a professional teeth-cleaning, x-rays and other procedures if needed. If you have pain or other symptoms, your dentist will determine the root cause and treat it so that it won’t pose a threat to your future dental health. General dentists can place fillings and crowns, perform root canal treatments, repair enamel and even replace knocked-out teeth when required. They also offer advice and guidance to help patients make the most of their home hygiene practices.

General Dentistry Services for All Ages

Our dentists are fully trained and qualified to meet the needs of every patient regardless of age or dental health. See the following list to learn more about out general dentistry services.

How Often Should a Healthy Patient See the Dentist?

A healthy adult should visit a general dental office twice every year to maintain good dental health. Pregnant women, smokers and people with certain medical conditions or chronic gum disease may need to obtain more frequent exams.

How Expensive Will My Visit Be?

The total price of any dental visit depends on several factors including insurance coverage, patient health and personal treatment preferences. To learn more about treatment costs and payment options, please contact our office directly.

Where Can I Get an Appointment with a General Dentist Near Me?

Setting up your consultation appointment is easy. Call our office, and we’ll schedule your visit with an experienced and caring dentist who practices in your area.

How Long Does an Office Visit Take?

The length of your dentist general practice visit depends on what your dentist will be doing. If it’s just a follow-up or general exam, it may take less than an hour. Complex dental treatments like root canals and multiple fillings take longer. Contact our office for more information.

Are You Ready for Your Appointment?

Your appointment will go more smoothly if you’re prepared. Make the process easier by arriving on time, bringing all necessary documentation, including your insurance card and identification, and providing a list of your current medications and your medical history. If you usually experience severe anxiety at dental offices, please let us know so that we can be more sensitive to your needs.

What Can Happen When You Avoid Your Routine Dental Exams?

Without regular exams, you may not know when gum disease or tooth decay begins. These conditions often produce no symptoms until they have become advanced, at which stage they become more expensive to treat and more difficult to resolve. In severe cases, you might even lose your natural teeth. To avoid costly restorations and painful symptoms, see your dentist regularly. Call us today to set up your next appointment with a skilled family dentist in your area.

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