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Proper brushing and flossing is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. Unfortunately, these methods do not always reach far enough below the gum line to prevent periodontitis from occurring. While this name may seem complicated, it simply means gum disease, which is an infection that occurs in your gums. Many people do not think that they are at risk for gum disease, yet the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has reported that almost half of adults 30 years of age and older are walking around with some degree of chronic gum disease.

Although this statistic is disturbing, the good news is that the earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is reversible with proper treatment. Allowing the infection to go unchecked, however, lets the bacteria begin to destroy your mouth’s structure to the point that tooth loss becomes a real possibility. This is because gum disease gradually destroys the bone and ligaments in your mouth that ensure your teeth stay firmly in place.

Why Should I Visit a Gum Disease Expert?

People are often confused when they are told that their regular dentist cannot treat their advanced gum disease. Yet, it makes sense once you understand that periodontists undergo special training to teach them advanced treatment techniques. This process of training is so intensive that it takes another two to three years after dental school to finish.

Our periodontists have chosen to specialize in the treatment of gum disease so that they can help you improve your oral health. We urge you to call our Jupiter Dental Group location so that we can set you up with an appointment to meet with a periodontist in Jupiter. Our team looks forward to helping you learn more about your treatment options.

What Should I Expect from My Periodontist?

There are a wide range of periodontal services that our office provides, and you can expect to always receive compassionate and gentle care that effectively treats your oral health issues. To get the most out of your visit, it is important to let us know what bothers you about your smile since we can also provide cosmetic services such as gum contouring and lip repositioning to create a total change in how your mouth looks when you show your grin. In addition to those services, you can benefit from the treatments listed below, depending on your needs.

Professional Dental Implant Placement

Dental implant placement is a form of oral surgery that requires a professional touch. When you need assistance with periodontics in Jupiter, it is important to choose a person with experience. This is because a dental implant needs to be secured into your jawbone, and successful placement reduces bone loss that causes your teeth to slip out of position.

Reveal More of Your Teeth

The part of your tooth that rises above your gum line is called the crown. For some people, the gums rise too far on the teeth, and you may need yours reduced for cosmetic reasons. Alternatively, your gum specialist may recommend using crown lengthening to get your tooth ready for a partial denture to be attached. Sometimes, an orthodontist will suggest a visit to our periodontics office to prepare your tooth for receiving brackets for braces.

Manage and Treat Your Gum Disease

Brushing your teeth is helpful for removing that sticky film of plaque that causes cavities. Unfortunately, this same bacteria contained in plaque also gets under your gums and creates irritation. A gum disease specialist can assess your current level of infection and recommend treatments to improve your oral health.

Even Out the Appearance of Your Gummy Smile

Being embarrassed by your smile is no fun at all. Having too much gum around your teeth is just part of how your mouth developed, but our gum disease specialist can gently contour the problem areas so that you have a more beautiful smile.

Identify Oral Pathologies and Get a Diagnosis

Those lumps, discolorations and other changes in your mouth must be checked out by our periodontist in Jupiter. For a proper diagnosis, they will send tissue samples from any suspicious areas to a lab. If treatment is needed for oral cancer, they will help you make the best decisions for protecting your overall health.

Treat Gum Recession

Gum recession may have left you feeling unhappy about how your tooth roots look when they are exposed, or your teeth may be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Gum grafting is a technique used by periodontists to replace lost gum tissue and cover up areas so that they are less prone to decay and sensitivity.

Don’t let anxiety or the fear of pain stop you from seeking treatment early on for developing oral health conditions. We offer a range of services performed by our gum disease expert to keep you comfortable. Whether you need laughing gas or a different type of sedation therapy, we will find what works best for you.

Make an Appointment Right Now for an Oral Health Consultation

Losing teeth or dealing with discomfort when you smile is not necessary when you know who can help. Make your oral health a priority by calling our periodontist at Jupiter Dental Group at (561) 459-1399 so that we can address all of your concerns with a personalized treatment plan.

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