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If you are experiencing pain because of a dental issue, finding the right emergency dentists in Miami Beach can be challenging. Resolving your issue quickly can help you feel better, and manage your everyday tasks more effectively. Choosing an experienced dentist for your emergency dental care can help you prevent further issues and ensure the most effective solutions for your immediate needs.

Where to Find an Emergency Dentist

You may be asking yourself, “How can I find emergency dental care near me?” Our offices are conveniently located and provide the expert help you need to manage pain and discomfort. We can provide you with the right solutions to ensure that your dental issues are corrected and don’t return to cause you pain in the future.

While our emergency dentists do not offer 24-hour services, we can provide you with prompt and effective treatments that can help you deal with swelling, discomfort, and damage to your teeth while ensuring that you enjoy the best possible care for your dental issues. Our technicians and emergency dentists will work with you to determine the most cost effective and practical treatments to resolve your pain and restore your teeth to normal function.

What Treatments Are Considered Emergency Dental Services?

Our team of emergency dentists in Miami Beach can provide you with solutions to reduce the size of abscesses by relieving pressure and pain to help you feel better quickly. For broken or severely damaged teeth, we can make emergency repairs to smooth away rough edges and to prevent further injury to your gums, teeth, and mouth. If necessary, we can also perform emergency tooth extractions to reduce pain and allow you to get back to your normal activities faster.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, calling 911 may be the best course of action to ensure that any other associated problems are addressed quickly. If your problem is purely dental, however, we can provide the help you need, when you need it most.

What Conditions Require Emergency Dental Care?

Routine cleanings and examinations do not fall into the emergency category. However, if you are currently experiencing pain or discomfort, you may require prompt attention to relieve these symptoms and to address the underlying cause. Our team of dentists and technicians will work with you to provide help for the following conditions:

A Fractured or Broken Tooth

If you notice you have a fractured or broken tooth, you must have it treated as soon as possible to avoid increased pain or long-term dental damage. To protect yourself from the tooth’s sharp edges, cover them with a dental wax before calling our practice for an appointment.

Serious Tooth Pain

Don’t suffer in silence because serious tooth pain is a sign of a dental problem and you must get immediate treatment. This is especially important if you also experience a fever, an earache, or other unusual symptoms.

Extremely Sensitive Teeth

This may be a sign of a fracture or gum disease. As a result, extremely sensitive teeth must be treated immediately. On the other hand, slight sensitivity does not usually demand urgent care.

A Cavity

Having a cavity is rather common, but it still demands dental treatment, especially if it’s causing major tooth pain.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

Our dentists may be able to re-implant a knocked-out tooth if you seek treatment quickly enough. If possible, gather all of the tooth fragments, rinse them with water, and attempt to return the tooth to its socket. Then, call our office for additional directions.

A Filling That Is Loose or Lost

Few people realize that having a filling that is loose or lost can cause great pain, sensitivity, and additional dental damage if left untreated. Call our dental office today for prompt treatment.

Damaged Crowns or Restorations

More than a mere cosmetic problem, damaged crowns or restorations can leave your teeth susceptible to further dental damage. Don’t delay treatment for restoration or crown issues.

Teeth Grinding

Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding is a common problem that can damage the tooth’s enamel. Thankfully, our dentists can protect your remaining enamel and provide you with a night guard.

An Abscessed Tooth

You must urgent treatment for an abscessed tooth. If left untreated, you can suffer major complications and severe dental pain. An abscessed tooth can produce symptoms like fever, bad breath, or open sores on the gums.

Sinus Pressure

There may be a dental cause to sinus pressure, especially if it’s accompanied by tooth pain. Call us for an immediate appointment to see if the problem is caused by an infection or an impacted wisdom tooth.

Orthodontic Discomfort

It’s natural to experience minor orthodontic pressure or injury on occasion, but if you feel any pain or other unusual problems, let your dentist repair your braces and relieve unnecessary pain.

If you are currently in pain, we can provide you with the right solutions to correct your dental problems and to ensure that these issues do not recur. This can help you protect your teeth and gums against serious damage while allowing you to enjoy the most effective treatments for pain, discomfort and other side effects of dental problems. Our dental office has the experience and the talented professionals you need to receive the best care in your area.

What Should I Expect During My Treatment?

We will work with you to decide on the best approach for your emergency dental care needs. In most cases, you will receive treatment within just a few hours of your call. This initial visit may not address the underlying cause of your pain. For example, if you have a severe infection, our emergency dentists may prescribe medications to bring down the swelling and relieve your pain before performing oral surgery or extracting the tooth that is causing the problem. We offer same-day appointments whenever possible and provide you with the most effective solutions for your dental problems.

Our emergency dentists will discuss all aspects of your treatment with you before proceeding with any dental work. This added step will allow you to manage costs while receiving the best possible treatment for your pain and discomfort. We can create a comprehensive plan for your future dental care that can help you avoid emergencies in the future, and deliver the best possible results for your current and upcoming needs. Our courteous and friendly staff will work with you to ensure that your dental issues are resolved in a way that suits your needs and your budget.

If I Need Urgent Dental Care, Should I Find An Emergency Dental Office Near Me Or Call 911?

When a dental emergency strikes, most people frantically wonder, “Should I dial 911 or find emergency dental care near me?” The answer will depend on the severity of your condition. More serious conditions will demand more specialized care than an emergency dental office is able to deliver. As a general rule, if you need emergency dental services for any of the serious conditions below, please call 911, your primary care physician, an oral surgeon, or simply head to the closest hospital emergency room instead of an emergency dental office.

  • Major injuries to the teeth, jaw, face, or head
  • Serious facial or gum swelling
  • Uncontrollable bleeding

How Much Do Emergency Dental Visits Cost?

The cost for a simple extraction or is usually very reasonable. If you need a root canal, draining of an abscess, tooth reconstruction, or other intense emergency dental care procedures, you may incur significant costs that can seriously cut into your available budget. Dental plans may cover some or all of the cost of your emergency treatments. This coverage can sometimes be costly, however, and may not be available for some patients or in some areas.

To help our patients cover the costs of emergency treatment at our office, we offer the DentRite® Discount Plan. For a small annual fee, this program offers big savings on some of the most common dental procedures.

Is there an emergency dental office near me in case I need urgent dental care over the weekend or at night?

Many people assume, “Anytime I need emergency dental services, I can just go to dentist that offers emergency dental care near me.” But the truth is that where you go for treatment will depend on the extent of your injuries and the time at which you suffered your dental emergency. To obtain emergency care for serious symptoms, on weekends, or after a practice’s business hours, it’s best to go to the closest hospital or simply call 911. Please don’t hesitate to seek treatment because delyaing treatment can only cause complications or further damage. And, if you need to contact our dentists during regular business hours, please call our office right away.

If you need the services of emergency dentists in Miami Beach, we offer the best range of services and the most effective solutions to help you feel better quickly and to protect your teeth and gums against further damage. Our experienced emergency dentists can provide you with immediate help for all your dental needs. Call us today to set up your appointment or to schedule emergency treatment. We’re here to serve you.

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