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Hearing that you have gum disease can make you feel as though you are alone. After all, the world is full of people flashing beautiful smiles. However, perfect teeth do not always mean that you have a healthy mouth since gum disease can be lurking beneath the surface. Statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control show that just about half of all Americans past the age of 30 harbor some form of gum disease. While you likely have visions of losing your teeth, the good news is that proper treatment can catch gum disease early and even reverse it.

Regular dental visits are great for catching periodontitis in the first stage called gingivitis. During this early infection, inflammatory responses such as redness and swollen gums are the most typical initial symptoms. Meeting with a gum disease at this stage is ideal for preventing advancement in the infection that can begin to break down ligaments and bone mass in your jaw that are essential for preventing tooth loss.

Prevent gum disease from ruining your smile by contacting our Miami Beach Dental Center location today at (786) 838-4176 so that we can schedule your initial consultation with a periodontist in Miami Beach. We love helping people improve their oral health.

What Do Periodontists Do Differently from General Dentists?

First, it is important to note that a periodontist is a type of dentist that specializes in the treatment of gum disease. However, they go far beyond normal dental training by committing to an educational program that continues for two to three years after regular dental school. During this time, periodontists train on techniques such as gum disease management and learning how to place dental implants, this allows them to provide a full range of periodontal services to each of their patients.

Do I Really Need Periodontal Disease Treatment?

Leaving your periodontal disease untreated is a recipe for disaster. Once it has progressed beyond gingivitis, it will not go away on its own. Your gum disease specialist will help you improve your gum health through special treatments and medications that reduce the bacteria populations in your mouth.

Why Should I Go to a Periodontist for Dental Implants?

When you are referred to our team for periodontics in Miami Beach that involves dental implants, it is because you need a stable foundation for your crown, denture or bridge to rest upon. Having a specialist perform the procedure provides the best results, and they know how to place your implant in the jawbone so that further bone loss is prevented.

When Is Gum Reduction Necessary?

A treatment performed at our periodontics office may require our gum disease specialist to remove a small part of your gums. Most often, this is done for crown lengthening when it is necessary to reveal more of the visible part of your tooth. This may be needed to make your tooth more accessible for procedures such as placing a bracket for braces or giving you a restorative dental crown. In some instances, you may also opt for gum reduction to improve a gummy smile. Either way, having this treatment done by a gum disease specialist ensures that you will see successful results.

Can My Gum Recession Be Treated?

Your gums may have receded as you have gotten older or your gum disease may have progressed, and having exposed roots leads to many potential problems. Gum grafting can be done to replace lost parts of your gum line with soft tissue so that issues such as root decay are prevented.

Will Your Periodontist Screen for Oral Cancer?

It is important for oral cancer screenings to be done regularly, and our periodontist in Miami Beach is trained in surgical techniques that allow them to take a small sample of the affected tissue to be checked by a lab. When an oral cancer diagnosis is made, you can rely on us to give you treatment options for getting your oral health back on track.

From gum contouring to treating advanced gum disease, we always make sure that every patient is comfortable during the procedure. Be sure to talk to your gum disease expert about any concerns you have for pain relief or relaxation so that we can give you options that work during your treatment.

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Problems with your gums affect your health and your comfort. Reach out by calling our periodontist at Miami Beach Dental Center now at (786) 838-4176. Finding relief from your oral health issues is just a phone call and visit to our office away.

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