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Are you proud of your gorgeous smile? Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and attractive takes effort, but the results are worth it. An important part of meeting your dental health goals is seeing your general or family dentist for regular exams.

The Importance of Your Family or General Dentist

A general dentist manages your dental health as a primary care provider. General family dentistry focuses on the overall health of the teeth and gums in patients of all ages, so your family dentist has experience in addressing a wide variety of dental conditions. He or she can keep your mouth healthy by preventing, diagnosing and treating any dental diseases or injuries that your smile may encounter.

How Does a General Dentist Maintain My Dental Health?

Your family dentist keeps your teeth and gums healthy through regular exams, x-rays and professional teeth-cleanings. You can also rely on your dentist to fill cavities, treat tooth infections and injuries, identify oral lesions, perform advanced treatments like root canals and provide advice concerning your home dental care.

General Dentistry Services to Meet Your Every Need

Providing a wide range of dental services ensures that everyone in your family gets the best care. Our dentists offer the essential general dentistry services listed below.

How Often Should I Schedule a Visit to My General Dental Office?

Your age and other factors help determine how often you should see your dentist. Most healthy patients should visit at least twice per year. If you have existing dental problems or medical conditions that could affect your dental health, more frequent visits may be recommended. Your dentist can provide a personalized schedule.

Does It Cost a Lot of Money to Visit a Dental Clinic?

The price of your visit depends on your insurance and your treatment needs as well as standard office fees. If you’re concerned about paying for an upcoming visit, please call us for more information.

Can You Help Me Find a General Dentist Near Me?

We’ll be happy to help you find a great dentist in your area and schedule your appointment. Just give us a call, and we’ll guide you through the process.

How Long Should I Expect the Visit to Last?

The amount of time you spend at your dentist general practice will depend on what types of tests and treatments your dentist performs. A brief exam could take 30 minutes, but advanced dental procedures like root canals or fillings could take up to several hours. If you’re concerned about scheduling conflicts on your appointment day, please contact us to obtain a treatment time estimate.

Getting Ready for Your Dental Appointment

Visiting the dentist should be a positive experience. To ensure a smooth visit, please arrive on time and bring your medical history, a list of your current medications and your insurance card. If you struggle with dental anxiety, let us know. We’ll take extra care to make your visit less stressful.

The Unfortunate Consequences of Avoiding Your Dentist

If you don’t see your dentist for routine exams, you may develop gum disease or dental decay without noticing any symptoms. If left undetected and untreated, these problems could become serious and threaten your dental health. By the time symptoms become noticeable, invasive and costly treatments may be required to save your teeth.

It’s much easier on your budget and your self-confidence to let your dentist prevent these problems from occurring. Call us today to schedule a checkup with one of our experienced and caring general dentists.

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