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Properly aligned teeth offer a host of benefits, including a healthy appearance and a reduced risk of gum disease. If mild or moderate alignment issues are affecting your quality of life, call us now to find out if Invisalign® in Naples is right for you.

How Do Invisalign Trays Work?

With Invisalign treatment, each patient receives a set of personalized aligner trays. Constructed with smooth plastic, these aligners gradually adjust your teeth until they arrive in the proper position. You’ll change each set of trays every two weeks until you reach the final set. You’ll also see a dentist regularly to make sure the movement of your teeth is on track. The clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth without friends or co-workers noticing.

What Does Invisalign Treatment Cost?

Your individual Invisalign cost will depend on a variety of factors. How long you’ll require treatment, the severity of your orthodontic problems, and your insurance coverage will determine your final charges. Even without dental insurance, managing the Invisalign cost may be possible with flexible financing or other payment options. Call us now for more details.

How Long Will Invisalign Take to Correct Teeth?

Our dentists are dedicated to helping you achieve a straighter, healthier smile in the shortest time possible. While most adults finish their treatment within a year, your treatment time may be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of your orthodontic issues. Teenagers’ treatment times vary widely.

Invisalign Dentists

Seeing a licensed and experienced dentist is the best way to achieve excellent results from Invisalign in Naples. At our practice, you’ll find skilled Invisalign dentists with a track record of helping patients improve their smiles. If you’re interested in getting started with clear aligners, call us now to book an appointment and learn more about the Invisalign cost.

Invisalign vs Braces: Which Option Is Best?

Invisalign has helped adults and teens of all ages achieve straighter smiles easily and discreetly. They allow you to enjoy the foods you love and experience the comfort of a metal-free smile. Clear aligners can be a great choice for patients with moderate orthodontic problems, but they aren’t the best treatment option for everyone. When choosing between Invisalign vs braces, speak with one of our Invisalign dentists to find out what option is best. Your dentist may suggest traditional braces if your alignment issues are extensive.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

With Invisalign in Naples, you can straighten your smile without disrupting your life. Here are some of the advantages clear aligners have to offer:

  • Dental visits are only required every four to six weeks
  • There are no dietary limitations – enjoy the foods you love
  • Trays can be removed for special occasions
  • No metal attachments or brackets

Can Anyone Get Invisalign?

Not every patient will be an ideal candidate for invisible aligners. Our dentists do not recommend the clear aligner system for children, whose mouths are still growing. However, adults and teens with mild or moderate alignment problems can benefit from Invisalign treatment. Schedule a consultation to find out whether the clear aligner system meets your needs.

What Invisalign Insurance Is Available?

Using a dental insurance plan can greatly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses when receiving orthodontic treatment. We suggest that each patient contact his or her insurance provider to see whether it offers coverage for clear aligners. In some cases, providers offer coverage much like they would for traditional braces.

Taking Care of Teeth After Invisalign

Good dental hygiene will play an essential role in taking care of your teeth after treatment with clear aligners. You may also require Invisalign retainers, which can keep your teeth from moving out of alignment. It’s also necessary to receive regular dental exams and cleanings from our practice.

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