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Get ready to say goodbye to dingy, yellow teeth without investing lot of time, money or hassle. Teeth whitening is one of the fastest, most affordable, and convenient cosmetic dentistry procedures. You can remove years of stains and discoloration from your teeth in essentially minutes.

Our team at Towncare Dental of Naples provides two types of teeth whitening to help you achieve the gorgeous smile you want in a way that suits your lifestyle and your budget. Some patients choose to relax in our office and walk out with a brighter smile that same day while others opt to use a take-home product to whiten their teeth professionally for minutes a day in less than two weeks.

Both provide dramatic results, especially when applied after a teeth cleaning. A professional cleaning removes any food particles and bacteria that can contribute to tooth stains. It’s the perfect way to start with a clean slate.

Opalescence Boost: Whiten Your Teeth in One Day

Our office in Naples is proud to offer Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening, so you can relax in our office while you whiten your smile. In addition to whitening ingredients, the gel in the Opalescence Boost system includes potassium nitrate and fluoride, two ingredients that research has shown help minimize tooth sensitivity, reduce cavities, and increase the hardness of your natural tooth enamel.

Opalescence Boost doesn’t need to be paired with a light to take effect because it’s chemically activated. It’s a quick, comfortable, and effective way to remove stains and whiten teeth without much of a wait.

Before whitening your teeth, our hygienist or dentist will confirm that you don’t have any gum disease or cavities. Then we’ll assess your current tooth color and apply the Opalescence Go whitening gel to your teeth with a gentle, brushed tip. You’ll notice significant results in less than an hour.

Opalescence Go®: Impressive Teeth Whitening at Home

If you prefer a more private option, our office in Naples also carries Opalescence Go, a take-home tooth whitening kit. This professional-strength product is available only from dentists. It enables you to whiten your teeth on your own schedule and produces impressive results in five to ten days.

Safe and effective, Opalescence Go is ready to use right out of the box. Each kit includes innovative trays prefilled with a whitening gel that includes potassium nitrate and fluoride, the same ingredients that improve overall dental health found in our in-office treatment, Opalescence Boost. There’s no need to worry about measuring ingredients or wondering if you’ll have enough supplies.

To begin whitening, simply center one of the kit’s disposable trays over your upper or lower teeth. Then bite gently and swallow to secure the gel against your teeth. You’ll remove the colored outer tray to reveal the clear and comfortable inner tray of gel worn during the treatment.

Opalescence Go comes in two concentrations of whitening ingredients to meet your needs. Choose a 15% concentration worn for 15 to 20 minutes a day over five to ten days, or a 10% concentration worn for about 30 to 60 minutes over the same length of time.

Once your daily treatment is done, just throw out the disposable tray and brush your teeth as you normally would for easy cleanup.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Our tooth color comes from a combination of the light reflected off the enamel—the hard surface layer of our teeth—and the color of the dentin (the middle layer) underneath the enamel. Because of genetics, some people have thinner enamel—and more visible dentin—than others, which affects the tooth color.

Everyone’s teeth become less white or even yellow as we age because the enamel thins and the dentin darkens. Enamel also is porous, so some foods and beverages also can impact tooth color.

The most common causes of dingy, yellow, or discolored teeth include:

  • Tobacco products
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Beverages such as coffee, tea, red wines, and colas
  • Aging
  • Certain medical treatments and medications
  • Tooth decay or trauma

Tooth whitening also is a good advance treatment if you need dental work such as a veneer, a crown, a bridge, or dentures. The dental porcelain used in these cosmetic and restorative dental fixtures is color-matched to your natural teeth to blend in seamlessly. But because they’re designed to be stain resistant, these fixtures don’t respond to whitening treatments. So if you whiten dull or dingy teeth later, your dental work is likely to be noticeable.

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If you’re ready to get a whiter smile, or if you have additional questions about teeth whitening, please call our Towncare Dental of Naples office today at (239) 963-1743 to speak to our helpful staff or schedule an appointment.

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