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As much as children love a visit from the tooth fairy, some tend to fear going to the dentist. Just like adults, children need their teeth cleaned regularly to prevent cavities and other painful dental problems.

Our family dentist in Hialeah wants your child to feel as comfortable in our office as our adult patients. We treat adults, teenagers, and children. Call our office today at (305) 921-0481 to schedule an appointment.

Tooth decay is so preventable, yet it’s the most common chronic childhood disease, outranking early-childhood obesity, asthma, and diabetes. About one in five children between ages 5 and 11 have at least one tooth with an untreated cavity, and 13% of teenagers between ages 12 and 19 have dental decay, statistics show. Severe tooth decay can lead to pain, infection, and difficulties with eating, sleeping, learning, speech, and overall physical development. Obviously, if a toothache causes it to hurt when you’re trying to eat or sleep, that can impact how the body grows.

Our friendly staff in Hialeah strives to meet your family’s dental needs and is glad to work with you to help keep your child’s smile healthy.

Here are some of the dental services for children that we provide at Palm Dental Center.

Teeth Cleanings for Children in Hialeah:

The dentist’s office does have some strange-looking equipment, which we know that youngsters can find scary. But our experienced dentists and hygienists know how to help them relax and feel comfortable as we gently remove cavity-causing plaque from those tiny teeth.

Topical Fluoride:

Nature’s cavity fighter, topical fluoride helps teeth resist decay by strengthening their surfaces. Ours also tastes pleasant, too.

Dental Sealants:

Our children’s dentist in Hialeah can apply a sealant to your child’s rear teeth, where brushing is especially tough for small children. Our permanent molars don’t come in until about ages 9 to 12—plenty of time for decay to develop without proper care. Dental sealant is a safe, thin plastic coating that blocks food particles and bacteria by sealing the grooves on the teeth’s chewing surfaces. Your child won’t taste the sealant, which is painless to apply. Plus, it can last for years.


If your child does develop a cavity, we aim to help him or her feel as comfortable as possible while getting a filling. We also use tooth-colored fillings that will fix any tooth damage with a natural look.


Any number of mishaps can cause small fractures and chips in a child’s front teeth. Our tooth-colored bonding materials can repair them seamlessly.

Pediatric Crowns:

Occasionally, a child requires a tooth-colored crown because of a cavity too large for a filling, or because the tooth has broken or cracked to a certain degree. We typically don’t like to remove a baby tooth unless it’s close to falling out naturally, so we’ll work with your child to create a custom crown. We also can place a crown on a tooth saved by a root canal.

Space Maintainers:

Sometimes decay, an accident, an impacted permanent tooth, or other circumstances causes a child to lose a baby tooth before it’s ready to come out, which can cause additional problems if the surrounding teeth shift into the empty space. Our children’s dentist can use a space maintainer to keep that gap in your child’s smile open until the permanent tooth grows in on its own. This also can help with pre-orthodontic treatment.


The American Dental Association says that adults and children who play sports should wear a mouthguard to protect the teeth. This especially holds true for athletic activities such as gymnastics, basketball, football, boxing, baseball, skateboarding, martial arts, field hockey, or wrestling. Our family dentists can create a custom-made mouthguard for your child that feels and works better than the boil-and-bite kinds available at drugstores and sporting-goods stores.

Emergency Dental Services for Children:

We’re also here to help if your child chips a tooth, knocks a tooth loose, or knocks out a tooth. Call our office in Hialeah at (305) 921-0481 for emergency dental care for children.

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