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Your beautiful smile is one asset that you want to keep throughout life. It ensures a positive first impression and shows the world your best side. With good home care and help from your general or family dentist, it’s possible to meet your goal.

What’s So Special About a General Dentist?

Unlike a dental specialist, your general dentist is trained to manage a wide variety of diseases and conditions that affect your teeth and gums. Acting as your primary dental provider, your dentist maintains your oral health through prompt treatment of dental disease, careful observation, recognition of potential problems and preventative care.

What Happens at a General Family Dentistry Office?

When you visit your general dentist, you will always receive a visual dental exam. If necessary, your dentist may order x-rays of your teeth. You may also have your teeth cleaned and polished. Other treatments and services may include fillings, root canals, hygiene counseling, repair of tooth injuries, oral cancer screenings and enamel-strengthening treatments.

Our Available General Dentistry Services

Our experienced and talented general dentists provide a full range of dental services to keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling their best. Explore our premium general dentistry services in the list below.

How Often Do You Need to See Your Dentist?

Two general dental office visits per year are recommended for most healthy patients. If you have medical problems or chronic dental conditions, your dentist may request more frequent visits. To protect your long-term dental health, always follow your dentist’s recommendations concerning checkups and cleanings.

Is My Dental Visit Going to Be Expensive?

Routine exams are generally affordable for most patients. If you require advanced dental procedures, tests or treatments, your overall cost will be determined by your dental needs and your insurance coverage. Payment options and treatment alternatives may be available. If you’re concerned about the price of a scheduled treatment, please contact us to discuss details.

How Can I Obtain an Appointment with a General Dentist Near Me?

Our local general dentists are ready to help you keep your smile in top condition. Simply contact us directly to schedule your appointment.

How Much Time Will I Spend at My Dentist General Practice Appointment?

The length of your appointment will mostly depend on your dental health and what procedures are needed to improve it. Routine checkups usually last less than an hour. However, complex treatments and multiple fillings may take longer. Your dentist can provide more information about your expected treatment time after evaluating your teeth and gums.

How to Prepare for Your Next Dental Visit

Visiting your dentist should always be a positive experience. To ensure a smooth appointment, arrive at your scheduled appointment time or slightly before. Be sure to bring your insurance information and identification. If you take prescription or over-the-counter medicines, provide a full list of them along with your medical history. Dental anxiety is common, so if you feel nervous, don’t worry. We’ll do everything possible to help you feel more comfortable. Let us know how you’re feeling so we can best meet your needs.

Avoiding Your Dentist Carries a Steep Price

When you don’t see your dentist for checkups, you could develop gum disease or cavities without noticing. If the problem progresses to advanced stages before producing symptoms, you may end up paying large dental bills to restore your smile and keep your natural teeth. See your dentist regularly so that developing problems are treated in the earliest stages when it’s easy to cure them. Take control and save your smile by calling us today and scheduling your next dental exam.

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