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Nearly everyone knows that teeth have to be cared for, but the gums are sometimes neglected. The gums serve an important purpose in protecting the sensitive roots of the teeth from infection and damage.

In the early stages of gum disease, you may notice a deeper red color than usual in the gums. There will also be swelling and tenderness. The name for this condition is gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth, leaving the roots vulnerable to bacterial infections. Severe gum disease will eventually cause tooth loss.

What Services Are Provided by Periodontists?

Periodontists focus on disorders affecting the gums, tooth sockets, and periodontal ligaments. A periodontist is trusted as a gum disease expert who can treat a variety of conditions, including gingivitis, periodontitis, and oral cancer. If you think you might be developing gum disease, call Towncare Dental of Pinecrest for an appointment and let a gum disease specialist make an assessment. There are many other services that you can get from our providers of periodontics in Pinecrest.

What Diseases Do Periodontists Treat?

Periodontists focus on gingivitis as well as a more serious type of gum disease known as periodontitis. These diseases are caused by the accumulation of plaque, which is why brushing and flossing are so important for good dental and periodontal health. Make an appointment with us, and a periodontist will perform the necessary treatment and give helpful tips on keeping your gums strong and healthy.

Can Periodontists Lengthen My Crowns?

Periodontal surgeries like crown lengthening are sometimes necessary when the gumline needs to be altered for another procedure. This is most commonly a tooth cap or the mounting of brackets for braces. A periodontist will reshape the gumline to give more crown space so that these procedures can be carried out.

How Can Dental Implants Help Me?

Tooth loss leaves the patient with an impaired chewing ability and diminished self-esteem. Dental implants can be a durable replacement for a natural tooth that has been lost to gum disease or tooth decay. Periodontists typically make use of implants with screw-like shafts that are inserted into the tooth socket. The bone eventually grows around the implant, forming a bond that can last for decades. An artificial tooth is then affixed to this implant with high-strength dental cement.

How Can a Periodontist Fix a Gummy Smile?

Our periodontists can surgically remove gum tissue to expose more of the tooth’s surface; this results in a more attractive smile and an improved self-image. Many cosmetic procedures like this are in the repertoire of a periodontist.

Does a Periodontist Perform Gum Graft Procedures?

A receding gumline is another condition that periodontists can address. Both gingivitis and excessively hard brushing can cause the gums to move back over time. This puts the teeth and alveolar bone at risk for infection and damage. If your gums appear to be receding, schedule an examination with a periodontist at our practice. They can perform a gum grafting procedure to replace the lost gum tissue, reducing the risk of complications and keeping your smile healthy.

Do Periodontists Treat Oral Cancer?

Serious diseases like oral cancer are also included in periodontal services. Since a periodontist is a gum disease expert, they can procure a tissue sample from your gums. The sample will then be assessed by a pathologist in a laboratory, and the periodontist in Pinecrest will be informed of the results. The periodontist can then go over the choices for treatment until you find one that you are comfortable with.

Our periodontists are committed to giving you a pain-free procedure whenever possible. This is why they are skilled in the use of the latest sedative and anesthetic methods. Your comfort and peace of mind are top priorities at our periodontics office.

Schedule an Exam with Our Periodontists in Pinecrest

If you need the services of a good periodontist in Pinecrest, call our office at (305) 403-9711. People from all over the community rely on us for dental and periodontal care, and we hope you’ll join them. Let a gum disease specialist at Towncare Dental of Pinecrest provide you with treatment, and we think you’ll see why our patients keep coming back.

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