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If you’re experiencing sharp pain when you bite or when you drink a hot or cold beverage, you might need more than a simple filling. Persistent pain can indicate not just a cavity but an infection in the soft tissue in the center of your tooth.

Fortunately, a root canal can eliminate this pain and save your tooth—and we have a root canal specialist, called an endodontist, at Plantation Dental Services in Plantation.

Many people fear getting a root canal because they assume this procedure is painful. But thanks to modern dentistry, root canal therapy can be about as easy and comfortable as fixing a cavity.

When Is a Root Canal Needed?

To understand root canal treatment better, let’s picture the makeup of a tooth. Inside the outer enamel that’s visible when you smile is a hard layer called dentin and then a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Once a tooth is fully developed, it can survive without its pulp—and the nerves contained there.

A root canal is needed when an infection takes hold within the pulp. Sometimes a crack, a chip, or severe decay in the outer enamel allows this to happen. Other times the pulp can become inflamed after trauma to the teeth or face. Once the damaged pulp breaks down, the bacteria can cause a painful infection; a pus-filled pocket known as an abscess at the tooth’s roots; bone loss around the tooth’s roots; or swelling in other areas of the face, neck or head.

You might need a root canal if you have severe tooth pain when you bite, dental pain that interrupts your sleep, extreme sensitivity to certain foods or drinks, severe swelling of the gum around a tooth, or tooth discoloration.

Our endodontist in Plantation can perform both simple and complex root canals. Endodontists specialize in problems involving the tooth’s pulp. These dentists train for an additional two years, studying root canal techniques and procedures so they can treat even difficult cases effectively.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal essentially removes the tooth’s root and the infected pulp, leaving your natural tooth behind. Saving your tooth protects the surrounding teeth from excessive wear or strain. Plus, because it’s your natural tooth, you’ll notice no difference in your biting force, chewing, or appearance.

A root canal itself isn’t painful. Rather, it eliminates your pain. It’s actually quite similar to a filling in several respects.

What should I expect from a root canal treatment?

In most cases, a root canal procedure takes about an hour or two to complete.

The root canal process typically includes these steps:

  • Our staff will take an X-ray to see the interior shape of your tooth and assess the signs of infection.
  • Our endodontist will numb the tooth with local anesthesia so you don’t feel any pain.
  • A sheet of rubber called a rubber dam will be placed around the tooth to keep the area dry.
  • The endodontist will drill a small access hole in the top of the tooth, or crown. Then he or she will use special tools to remove the infected pulp, disinfect the area, and shape the canals inside the tooth.
  • The endodontist then fills the tooth’s canals with a special substance to keep out contaminants and seals the tooth.

Because a tooth that needs a root canal often has had a large filling or extensive decay, your general dentist might recommend further restoration or protection of your tooth. This might involve placing a permanent crown on your tooth at a separate appointment.

What Should I Expect After a Root Canal?

Once a root canal and crown are complete, your tooth is restored to its normal function. Because your tooth wasn’t extracted, you’ll find that you’ll chew, speak, and smile as you always did. Best of all, that awful pain and infection are gone.

With proper hygiene, teeth restored through root canal treatment can last for a long time. Our helpful staff in Plantation will be glad to discuss your particular situation and how root canal therapy can help you.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Root canal treatment in Plantation can vary in cost depending on the tooth and the intricacy of the procedure. A front tooth has only one root while a molar can have up to four and cost more.

Your dental insurance typically will cover all or most of the cost. Please give our office a call at (954) 651-9315 to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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