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Periodontal disease is nothing to smile about. Unfortunately, gum disease is currently the main cause of adult tooth loss, and a shocking report from the Centers for Disease Controls reveals that just about half of American adults have some form of gum disease by the time they are 30. When you have gum disease, it is important to keep brushing and flossing so that bacteria in your mouth is under control. However, gum disease also requires the help of a gum disease expert to prevent it from progressing to a point that the infection begins to destroy your gums and the underlying bone structure.

At Plantation Dental Services, we care about your total oral health, and you can get started on treating your gum disease by scheduling an appointment with our periodontist in Plantation at the first sign of a problem.

What Are the Early Signs of Gum Disease?

At first, you may not even notice that you have gum disease since the bacteria that invades your gum line slowly begins to create inflammation. However, you may notice things over time such as bleeding from your gums. Once the disease has progressed, you may also deal with bigger issues such as gum recession or loose teeth that no longer function properly. This is why periodontal services are so important for stopping gum disease before it gets a chance to destroy the ligaments and jawbone that support your teeth.

Is a Periodontist a Type of Special Dentist?

Yes, periodontists are dentists who have made it their mission to provide more treatment options to their patients. They have spent two to three more years of study after dental school learning advanced techniques such as soft tissue grafting and gum disease management.

Will Visiting a Gum Disease Specialist Save My Teeth?

The answer to this question depends upon many factors such as how far your gum disease has advanced and if you have long-term damage such as reduced bone mass in your jaw. However, following your treatment plan can help to keep your gum disease under control, and it may even reverse your gingivitis in the early stages.

What If I Have Already Lost Teeth?

It is common for people to need help with replacing teeth when they come to us for assistance with periodontics in Plantation. This is why we offer dental implants as part of our treatment services. Dental implants stimulate the jawbone so that more bone loss is prevented, and this treatment may be recommended if you need teeth to be replaced with dentures, bridges or crowns.

When Might I Need Gum Reduction Services?

Our periodontics office commonly provides gum reduction services such as crown lengthening that might be needed to provide access to more of your tooth’s structure. If you have excessive gums around a tooth that needs braces or a dental restoration, then you may need to have a crown lengthened. It is also common for our gum disease specialist to perform a similar procedure to fix a gummy smile.

What Is Involved in Soft Tissue/Gum Grafts?

When our periodontist recommends gum grafting, it is done to help protect your teeth from decay and shifting by adding an additional layer of support that was lost when your gums receded. During this procedure, they will do a gum tissue graft to cover up any problem areas along your gum line.

Can I Get Checked for Oral Cancer During My Visit?

During the course of examining you for gum disease, the periodontist in Plantation can easily check for potential oral cancer or pathologies that require further testing. Always point out any suspicious lesions that you have noticed so that we can give you an accurate diagnosis.

Get Personalized Care During a Consultation with Our Gum Disease Expert

Treating any oral health condition should always involve a gentle approach that eases any worries that you have about visiting our periodontist at Plantation Dental Services. When you call us at (954) 651-9315, make sure to let us know about any concerns that you have. This way, we can schedule your appointment while making arrangements to ensure your comfort.

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