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Our goal is to furnish high quality care in a warm, friendly manner to everyone in the community who needs oral surgery in Sunrise. We understand that you are anxious before your initial visit; we will do everything possible to put you at ease.

What Procedures Do Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Perform?

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Sunrise performs a number of complex procedures. Typically, dentists refer their patients to our office for wisdom teeth extraction, difficult extractions of cracked teeth and bone grafting, among many other things.

The American Dental Association recognizes oral and maxillofacial surgery as a specialty. Every oral and maxillofacial surgeon undergoes additional training after graduating from dental school, which typically includes a residency program in a hospital where they study anesthesiology, emergency medicine, plastic surgery and more along with medical residents.

Which Oral Surgery Services Does Our Office Offer?

Since oral and maxillofacial surgeons have extensive training in surgical procedures, we offer all of the procedures that people in our community may need to improve the aesthetics or function of their teeth, mouth or jaws. After deciding that you would like to repair your smile with surgery, you have two options. You can visit your family dentist for a referral or you can call us to make an appointment for an initial consultation. We will listen to your expectations and present you with options for achieving your goals. We perform the following procedures:

Difficult Extractions (Includes Wisdom Teeth)

Difficult tooth extractions, including impacted wisdom teeth, are a routine procedure for oral and maxillofacial surgeons who extract damaged, decayed or fractured teeth to avoid future problems or infection.

Dental Implants

If you are considering a permanent solution to missing teeth, talk to our oral surgeon in Sunrise about dental implants. The procedure, which involves placing a post in your jawbone where the roots once held a natural tooth, provides you with a custom replacement tooth that functions just like any of your other teeth. It typically requires two visits, since your replacement tooth is custom made to blend in with your other teeth.

Bone Grafts

If you have missing teeth, after time the jawbone atrophies and it becomes unsuitable for placing dental implants. With bone grafting, patients can have their jawbone rebuilt and made strong enough to anchor dental implants. Our oral surgeon in Sunrise can perform major bone grafting procedures for victims of traumatic accidents as well.

Denture Related Procedures

We remove mouth bumps for individuals who are getting dentures. The bits of bone under the skin, called tori, prevent dentures from creating a tight seal, especially if they are on the roof of your mouth. We can also perform difficult or multiple extractions needed before receiving dentures.

Temporomandibular Joint Treatment (TMJ / TMD)

Problems with the joint that connects the jawbone and the skull, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are associated with jaw pain, earaches and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. We will explore your non-surgical options, such as a mouth guard, or discuss your surgical options if the non-surgical treatments fail to correct the problem. We strive to be the best oral surgery office, one where our patients feel at discussing their care with any one of our staff members.

Oral Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

If you notice anything unusual in your mouth, such as a cyst, visit your family dentist or us as soon as possible. We will take a sample of the lesion and do a biopsy. While most cysts are not cancerous, early detection is the best treatment and it saves lives. Oral surgery in Sunrise can remove most growths here in our office for your convenience. Schedule an appointment with our office if you notice anything unusual in your mouth.

We endeavor to give our patients access to the best oral surgeon for challenging procedures in Plantation. Our office also offers reconstructive surgeries, corrective jaw surgeries and sleep apnea treatment. When it comes to elective, restorative procedures, we are experts at providing solutions to cosmetic issues, such as missing teeth, which affect your personal and professional life. Call us to see how we can help you start smiling more often.

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