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A dental emergency like a broken tooth leaves you in agony and unable to focus on anything else. When disaster strikes in the form of a throbbing jaw, emergency dental care is your best friend. It provides effective pain relief and protects your dental health from the adverse effects of leaving your condition untreated.

How Can I Find Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

When you’re searching for effective, affordable emergency dental care, our skilled emergency dentists in Winter Park can give you exactly what you need. We provide treatment for a wide range of dental emergencies during our regular office hours. When you call our emergency dental office to schedule an appointment, we’ll do everything possible to see you on the same day. Our experienced emergency dentists can diagnose your problem, alleviate your symptoms, and make sure your condition is stable to ensure that your pain won’t come back.

Our practice provides same-day treatment for dental emergencies to both patients and non-patients.

Our Emergency Dental Services

Our emergency dental services are focused on providing relief for those who are suffering and protecting our patients’ long-term dental health by managing minor dental problems before they turn into major ones. A few of the urgent dental care services that we provide are listed below.

  • Emergency extractions
  • Repairs to chipped or otherwise damaged teeth
  • Treatment of wisdom tooth pain and swelling
  • Management of dental infections
  • Treatment for injuries and mouth sores due to broken orthodontic devices
  • Toothache treatment and pain management
  • Replacement of lost fillings and crowns

When Should I Schedule Emergency Dental Treatment?

My symptoms are annoying, but how will I know if it’s really time to seek emergency dental care near me?

If you have severe pain or other troubling symptoms or your tooth condition might get worse if left untreated, you should call us to request emergency dental care. Below are a few of the most common dental emergencies we see in our practice.

Broken or Fractured Teeth

If you have a broken or fractured tooth, getting it treated as soon as possible reduces the risk of infections and additional breakage. Use dental wax to even out any sharp edges on your broken tooth.

Knocked-Out Teeth

A knocked-out tooth can often be saved if you contact our emergency dentists for advice immediately after the incident. Avoid touching the tooth by its root. Hold it by its crown, and rinse it with warm water to remove debris. Place the tooth back into its socket or tuck it inside your cheek to keep it moist. Call us immediately for additional instructions.

Severe Toothache Pain or Pressure

A severe toothache can be due to a number of dental problems, and it should never be dismissed or ignored. If your pain is accompanied by fever, earache, or other problems, be sure to inform us about them when making your appointment.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint. It only requires urgent dental care when it may be related to an underlying cause such as an infection or a tooth fracture. If your sensitivity develops suddenly or without an obvious explanation, give us a call.

Dental Decay (Cavities)

Dental decay leads to cavities which eventually expose nerve tissue and tooth roots. The problem then becomes a painful one. Emergency dentists can examine your decayed teeth and develop a treatment plan to restore them and relieve your symptoms.

Abscessed Tooth

Whether it’s related to an injury or tooth decay, an abscessed tooth causes severe pain, swelling, bad breath, fever, and open sores. Neglecting to treat an abscess can cause serious complications, so call our emergency dental office at once if you develop signs or symptoms of the condition.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Lost or loose dental fillings leave vulnerable teeth exposed. Schedule treatment quickly to restore protection and normal chewing function.

Broken Crowns or Lost Restorations

A broken or lost crown or restoration is more than a mere cosmetic problem, it leaves the affected teeth exposed and vulnerable to decay and injury. Our emergency dentists can provide temporary or permanent replacements for your lost or damaged restorations.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

Pain, irritation, and injuries caused by metal wires and brackets are fairly common complaints. We can treat your discomfort and adjust your orthodontic devices to prevent ongoing problems.

Tooth Enamel Worn by Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth, your enamel will eventually show signs of excess wear. We manage the problem by applying strengthening treatments to your enamel and creating a night guard to discourage grinding during sleep.

Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure can be an uncomfortable and sometimes mysterious symptom. Because of a complex relationship between your teeth and sinuses, dental problems can sometimes create sinus pressure. If it becomes troublesome, we can examine your mouth and jaw to determine if your sinus symptoms have a dental origin.

Beyond the Toothache: Serious Medical Symptoms

My emergency involves serious and frightening symptoms that may affect my general health. Should I go to a hospital before visiting the emergency dental office near me?

Some symptoms can lead to a serious medical crisis and can’t be treated by emergency dentists in Winter Park. Conditions that require specialized care include severe swelling, profuse blood loss or uncontrollable bleeding, and injuries affecting the face, jaw, and head. If you’re suffering from any of these problems, go directly to a hospital emergency room or call 911.

How Much Do Dental Emergency Visits Cost?

The total cost of emergency dental care depends on what treatments and tests were prescribed during the visit. Our emergency dentists can tell you more about your probable treatment cost after an exam. We strive to provide affordable care; we accept most dental insurance plans and credit card payments. If you need more time to pay your bill, we also offer convenient financing options. Patients without insurance can benefit from our DentRite® discount plan. It’s not an insurance policy; it provides substantial savings on common dental services and procedures. Enjoy between 20 and 70 percent off many services for you and your family. Contact us for more information.

If I require treatment on a weekend, should I go to the emergency room or wait for the emergency dental office near me to open on Monday?

When emergency dentists are not available, let the severity and nature of your symptoms be your guide to obtaining care. If you’re in pain and can’t function normally due to your dental problem, it’s better to protect your dental health by going to a hospital emergency room for treatment. When your symptoms manifest during office hours, our emergency dentists in Winter Park are available and ready to provide excellent care.

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